Founded by Johan Molina and Jhosue Molina back in 2007, JM Painting and Renovation has established itself as one of the greatest and prestigious providers of professional painting focused on interior painting services for residential and commercial customers. building.

We provide a professional painting services with a real focus on customer satisfaction. Our painting services is a multi-task company specializing in the following core areas:

  • We combine Quality Workmanship, Superior Knowledge and Low Prices
  • We Can Ensure a Job is Done on Time and on Budget
  • Proven Results for Setting Exceptional Standards in Cost Control
  • Proffesional Service for Private and Commercial Customers
  • 10 Years Experience and a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.


Years on the International Market.

Completed Projects and Investments.

Skilled Professionals.


Ever since JM Painting and Renovation was founded, we have established our reputation as one of the leading commercial and residential painting companies in the Westchester and Fairfield County.

When you trust your home or business painting needs to JM Painting and Renovation  you are guaranteed high quality services from one of the top painting providers and product selection from some of the top brand names in the painting industry. We know exactly which tools are required for each contract and provide free consultations about your commercial or residential painting needs before beginning the job.

So, even if you know nothing about painting, the talented staff at JM Painting and Renovation can assist you is discovering the painting services that you need.

Our promise to our customers is as follows:

We will never rush a residential or commercial painting job.
We will use the top quality paint and tools to complete your contract to your satisfaction.
We will never leave any tools, stains or materials behind that you must clean up.
We will always stand behind our work and take pride in your painting service.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.

Here are a few of many projects we have completed for our customers. We provide a professional service which includes consultation, free painting estimate, and supply of materials.


  • Do you leave extra paint when you leave?

    At JM Painting and Renovation, we understand that little brushes and scratches can happen after the job is done, so we always leave you the rest of the paint, especially in cases of custom colors. You can touch up little blemishes yourself or feel free to call us

  • Do I need to do anything before the painting team arrives?

    At JM Painting and Renovation, we’re full-featured, so we’ll take care of moving and protecting furniture as well as any heavy lifting. The best way for you to help us is to move smaller and more delicate items to a different room before we come.

  • How long does a home painting job take?

    Because homes and paint jobs specifics (number of coats, textures, etc.) are very different, the best way to determine the duration of your home painting job is to call us out for a visit and a professional estimate of length and cost.

  • Can a large hole in drywall be repaired?

    While most people may think it’s a lost cause, there are actually ways to repair larger drywall holes. Cheaper than replacing the entire drywall panel, we’ll put in a mesh patch and fill it with joint compound before painting to match the existing color.

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